WE THE People

Alabama's Defining Documents

A Bicentennial Exhibition of Our State's Six Constitutions

Presented by the Alabama Department of Archives & History 

Celebrate Alabama’s bicentennial with the documents that defined our state and shaped its history.

All six of Alabama’s constitutions will be on view together in a special exhibition presented by the Archives.

We the People: Alabama’s Defining Documents will explore Alabama’s two-hundred-year conversation about citizenship. Whose voice matters? What do we value? These documents, written on fragile parchment, define what it meant, and what it should mean, to be an Alabamian. 

The exhibition will also highlight intensive conservation work recently completed on the constitutions and the 1861 ordinance of secession, which declared Alabama’s separation from the Union on the eve of the Civil War. The ordinance will also be included in the exhibition.

Exhibition Dates

November 3 - December 31, 2019

Museum of Alabama
at the Archives

June 30 -

August 11, 2019

Huntsville Museum of Art